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Advanced Hernia Solutions is a specialty hernia surgery practice.  We have been providing surgical care to complex hernia patients from all 50 states and throughout the world.  We are a collaborative effort surgeons, patient care managers, engineers, nurses, administrative professionals, hospital and others to provide the highest level of person-centered clinical care.  We are located in Daytona Beach, Florida on the campus of Halifax Medical Center.

Person-Centered Care:  This concept requires us to design a team for and apply resources to the group of people suffering with abdominal wall hernias and related complications.  For centuries, the physician held the knowledge necessary to make good medical decisions.  Due to the exponential increase in knowledge and multiple factors affecting the healthcare system, this is no longer true.  No one human being has the cognitive capacity to hold all of the necessary knowledge in their brain to make consistent, high-value medical decisions.  Person-centered care is embodied by care teams, with the person who is the patient and family at the center, and with the care team all working for the best interest of the patient, learning and improving to provide value for the patient and for the overall system.

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